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Anthony Philip Serino is the President of APS DISTRIBUTORS, LLC and founder of the Serino Cigar Co. that created the Super Premium Cigar Line called  Serino Royale.

The Serino Royale has garnered some of the highest Cigar Ratings from the top Cigar reviewers, and established the Cigar Line as a favorite of many true cigar lovers all over the world.

After 21 years of hard work in the cigar industry, Tony and his son Carson have achieved success in producing this premium yet affordable cigar line. Many fans of the Serino Royale say the same thing, it’s as good as any $20 Cigar but costs half the price.

From sowing the seeds, to banding and boxing the blends, all Serino Royale Cigars are totally hand made using 4 year old blended aged tobaccos from Jalapa Valley and Esteli. The assorted wrappers are grown in the fertile valleys of Equador. Each cigar is exquisitely rolled and placed in our humidors to age for 3 years before packaging.

The Magestic Serino Royale is the result of a grand alliance and collaboration with  the esteemed Omar González-Alemán, owner of the world famous La Corona Cigars, S.A. Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, who worked in the prestigious Cuban  La Corona factory, where he earned the title of “Head Director”.  During his career Omar manufactured some of the world’s most prestigious Cuban brands such as Partagas, Romeo y Julieta, Hoyo de Monterrey, Cuaba, Por Larranga, Saint Luis Rey, San Cristobal de Habana and Montecristo, Omar is now helping the Serino Cigar Co. produce the Serino Royale Cigar Line.

We hope you enjoy what we can only call our labor of love for fine cigars that has manifested into the Serino Royale Line of Majestic Cigars.


SERINO CIGAR CO. – A boutique small batch cigar manufacturer brought to you by the Serino family and world renowned Cuban Master Blender Omar González-Alemán.